Mark Knopfler - Tracker (2015) [Vinyl - DSD128]Format: DSD 128 (tracks)
    Quality: lossless
    Sample Rate: 1/5,6 Mhz
    Source: LP
    Artist: Mark Knopfler
    Title: Tracker
    Label, Catalog: British Grove Records – 4716982, EU
    Genre: Rock
    Release Date: 2015
    Scans: not included
    Size .zip: ~ 4.77 gb

    Tracklist:Mark Knopfler - Tracker (2015) [Vinyl - DSD128]
    A1 Laugh And Jokes And Drinks And Smokes
    A2 Basil
    A3 River Towns
    B1 Skydiver
    B2 Mighty Man
    B3 Broken Bones
    C1 Long Cool Girl
    C2 Lights Of Taormina
    C3 Silver Eagle
    D1 Beryl
    D2 Wherever I Go

    Mark Knopfler - Tracker (2015) [Vinyl - DSD128]

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