Marina Kaye - Fearless - Deluxe Edition (2015)Format: FLAC (tracks)
    Quality: lossless
    Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz / 16 Bit
    Source: qobuz
    Artist: Marina Kaye
    Title: Fearless - Deluxe Edition
    Label, Catalog: Capitol Music
    Genre: Pop
    Release Date: 2015
    Scans: not included
    Size .zip: ~ 426 mb

    01. Marina Kaye - Homeless [3:39]
    02. Marina Kaye - Mirror Mirror [3:49]
    03. Marina Kaye - Dancing With The Devil [3:39]
    04. Marina Kaye - Sounds Like Heaven [4:25]
    05. Marina Kaye - Freeze You Out [4:05]
    06. Marina Kaye - Iron Heart [3:44]
    07. Marina Kaye - Dark Star [2:46]
    08. Marina Kaye - T Raitor [2:40]
    09. Marina Kaye - Taken [3:25]
    10. Marina Kaye - Live Before 1 Die [3:29]
    11. Marina Kaye - The Price I've Had To Pay [4:06]
    12. Marina Kaye - Feed The Wolf In Me [3:14]
    13. Marina Kaye - You Had Your Fun [3:35]
    14. Marina Kaye - Won't Be Here This Time [3:14]
    15. Marina Kaye - Homeless (Acoustic Version - Lame De Son) [4:35]
    16. Marina Kaye - The Price I've Had To Pay (Acoustic Version - Lame De Son) [4:39]
    17. Marina Kaye - Freeze You Out (Acoustic) [3:38]
    18. Marina Kaye - Dark Star (Acoustic) [3:12]
    19. Marina Kaye - Dancing With The Devil (Epic Empire Remix) [3:12]

    Marina Kaye is only 17 years old, but she is one of the biggest pop stars in her home country France at the moment. When she was just 13 years old, she won the talent show La France a un Incroyable Talent, the French version of the got talent shows, mostly by singing Adele covers. She impressed with her debut single Homeless, that was released a year ago, in June 2014 and reached number 1 in France. Marina just dropped her debut album Fearless last month, which made Homeless rise the iTunes charts once again. I heard it on the radio in the car during a visit in France and I am certain this song has potential to cross borders.

    Ok to be fair, Marinas Homeless reached the charts in Switzerland and the French part of Belgium as well, but she should be capable of more. The singer chose to release music in English, instead of native French, which is not a very popular choice among French artists, but this makes her music more likely to be an international success. The song is a big midtempo belter with beautiful vocals by Marina, who co-wrote the track herself. The chorus is incredibly catchy and I think many people can relate to the lyrics about feeling restless and the lack of a home. Most of all, it is just a great pop song that is perfectly suitable to sing along with lustily. I can totally hear this being played on radio in the Netherlands or any other place at least in Europe.

    Marina Kaye - Fearless - Deluxe Edition (2015)

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