The Annual Ibiza Sessions 2015 Format: FLAC (tracks)
    Bitrate: lossless
    Performer: VA
    Album: The Annual Ibiza Sessions 2015
    Label: Ruli Media
    Catalog: 10090208
    Style: House
    Release Date: 2015
    Covers: front
    Size .zip: ~ 2.66 gb

    The Annual Ibiza Sessions 2015
    01.Uncle Dog Feat. Lucy Vox - Night Calling
    02.Eric Van Basten - Let There Be House
    03.Bermuda Twins - The Sun (Beach Club Mix)
    04.Mattei & Omich - Funky Beat
    05.Bruno Kauffmann & Dj Alexio - Brainfork (Barbati Remix)
    06.Ashmere Feat. Lili - Tell Me
    07.Tyrinx - Strings That Touch
    08.Eddy Chrome - In Love (Miguel Lando Beachhouse Remix)
    09.Monkey Zoo Feat. Tina - Absent Minded
    10.Tiimo - Reborn
    11.La Noise - Space (Paris Milton Remix)
    12.Ibiza Groove Squad - I Don't (Mykel Mars Club Mix)
    13.Tommy Done - Yaw
    14.The Virgin Dolls - Shock!
    15.Ibiza Club Toys - Love And Money (Deep House Mix)
    16.Lukjlite Feat. Pierre Piccarde - Secret (Extended Version)
    17.Johnny Chieff - Hurricane
    18.American Groove Junkies - Reach You (Extended Mix)
    19.Andres Rojas - Flux (David Eye Remix)
    20.Davstr3k - Black Clouds
    21.Pischinger & Dermota Feat. Kaspar - Reisedrang (Extended Mix)
    22.The Matthews - Ola Sensual
    23.Lee & Sun - Be Like (Klang Express Remix)
    24.Garagestylerz - Don't Stop (Mixshow Edit)
    25.Jon Geven - Hands Up
    26.Punk Fanatic - Bounce Jumping
    27.Wonderlights - Barcelona City Lights (Deep House Mix)
    28.Poediction Feat. Trevor Jackson - Your Gone (Visioneight Extended Remix)
    29.Dumont City - Duke Visits Gorgon Island (Club Mix)
    30.Daiden - Unique
    31.Sascha Wallus - The Same Man
    32.Michael Ruland - We Don't Need (Beachhouse Mix)
    33.Stacia X Wunderwald - Like A Flame
    34.Sexgadget - Lokomotion (Boss Remix)
    35.Tim G - Sound Of Happiness
    36.M.waxx - Get Down
    37.Atari Boy - Don't Let Me Down (Extended Mix)
    38.Puller & Hoed - Get Crazy
    39.Aldric Cesaire - Baby
    40.Max Lindemann - Funky Bitch (Rework 2015)
    41.Grande Vue - Work Your Body 2.15
    42.Ampheria - Wicked Vibes
    43.Skaei - Black Mamba (Extended Mix)
    44.Space Ear - Hold Me
    45.Dr. Kucho! & Karim Haas - Universal Love
    46.Balearic Kings - Can't Feel This (Radio Mix)
    47.Jean Claude Fanout Feat. Mara J Boston - Got To Fly
    48.Stj Feat. Aurora - My Sky (Beatcoast Mix)
    49.Secret Melody - Love Spray (Club Pheromones)
    50.Paul Party - The Calling
    51.A.D.S.R & Soul Addicts - Pieces (Alexander Orue Remix)
    52.Bastian Vilda - Woups
    53.Sync Diversity - The Bomb (Club Mix)
    54.Rob Hayes Feat. Ricardo Cassal - All I Do
    55.Dj Rider Feat. Abby Cubey - Tik Tok (Carlos Russo Deep Touch Version)
    56.Prince Ringo - Disco Star (Discohouse Mix)
    57.Just Me Feat. Elton Jonathan - Grateful
    58.Nicolai Kubera & Breeze 'N' Koda - Triad
    59.Kiss Audio - Here Tomorrow (House Anthem)
    60.Oxyo Paris - Me and You (Karnival Mix)
    61.Kermit - Back To Basics (Just For Fun Remix)
    62.Antoninii - Endorphine
    63.Superball - The Music Is Pumping (The Cocoboys Remix)
    64.Maik Schenk - Tonight (Pop Dub Club Remix)
    65.French Kick - Payback
    66.Kaimack - Disco Craze
    67.Mattei & Omich - House Party
    68.Zane Hadwin & Nik Marten - Clustered
    69.Dan Rubell - Do That Funk (Coqui Selection Remix)
    70.Eddy Chrome - Cloud Sculptures (Tropical House Mix)

    The Annual Ibiza Sessions 2015

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