INNA - Body and The Sun - Japan (2015)Format: FLAC (tracks + .cue)
    Quality: lossless
    Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz / 16 Bit
    Source: CD
    Artist: INNA
    Title: Body and The Sun
    Label / Catalog: Warner Music / WPCR-16608, Japan
    Genre: Europop, Euro-House
    Release Date: 2015
    Scans: included (full 600 dpi .png)
    Size .zip: ~ 547 mb

    INNA - Body and The Sun - Japan (2015)
    01. Too Sexy [03:17]
    02. Bop Bop (Inna feat. Eric Turner) [03:21]
    03. Rendez Vous [03:09]
    04. Cola Song (Inna feat. J. Balvin) [03:18]
    05. Yalla [02:51]
    06. Walking On The Sun [03:31]
    07. Fool Me [03:33]
    08. Body And The Sun [03:29]
    09. Salinas Skies [03:44]
    10. Devil's Paradise [02:13]
    11. Diggy Down (Inna feat. Marian Hill) [03:12]
    12. Low [03:38]
    13. Tell Me [03:26]
    14. Diggy Down (Piano Deluxe) [02:47]
    15. Sun Goes Up [03:31]
    16. Take Me Higher [02:58]
    17. Good Time (Inna feat. Pitbull) [03:24]
    18. Summer In December (Morandi feat. Inna) [03:16]
    19. Take Me Higher (Embody Remix) [04:58]

    INNA - Body and The Sun - Japan (2015)Inna began recording new material shortly after launching her third studio album Party Never Ends in 2013. She announced the release of an EP called Summer Days in the fall of 2014, for which she launched six promotional singles: "Take Me Higher", "Low", "Devil's Paradise", "Tell Me", "Body And The Sun" and "Summer Days". Subsequently, Inna has uploaded on October 18, 2014 a preview of unreleased tracks onto her YouTube channel, including a teaser of "Bamboreea", "Jungle" (later renamed to "Too Sexy"), "We Wanna" (later given to Alexandra Stan), "Rendez-Vous", "Danse Avec Moi" and "Hola" (later renamed to "Heart Drop"). Only "Bamboreea", "Too Sexy", "Heart Drop" and "Rendez Vous" made it to the tracklist of the album. Early 2014, she said that her upcoming studio album would be called LatINNA, because she "feels Latinna" (Latina) and has had notable success in Spanish-speaking Latin-origin territories. LatINNA was not released, but instead, on June 7, 2015, she announced the release of INNA, for which she used the songs from the previously unreleased projects. Since the EP Summer Days was never released, all tracks with the exception of "Take Me Higher" and "Summer Days" were brought together on INNA. While "Bamboreea" was excluded on the Japanese release "Body And The Sun", "Take Me Higher" became a bonus track. The album was originally announced to premiere on September 15, 2015, but was then gradually postponed to October 15, 2015 and October 27, 2015.

    INNA - Body and The Sun - Japan (2015)

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