Larry Gus - I Need New Eyes (2015)Format: FLAC (tracks)
    Bitrate: lossless
    Performer: Larry Gus
    Album: I Need New Eyes
    Label: DFA
    Style: Electronic, Indie
    Release Date: 2015
    Covers: no
    Size .zip: ~ 309 mb

    Larry Gus - I Need New Eyes (2015)
    1. Black Veil Of Fail (5:00)
    2. NP-Complete (6:19)
    3. A Set Of Replies (5:09)
    4. Taking The Personal Away (5:09)
    5. Belong To Love (7:13)
    6. All Graphs Explored (6:27)
    7. The Sun Describes (4:35)
    8. Nazgonya (Paper Spike) (7:17)

    DFA Records is pleased to announce I Need New Eyes, the new album from Larry Gus. 2013's Years Not Living was a masterpiece of composition, pushing sampling to its limits within a conceptual framework provided by Life A User's Manual, George Perec's postmodern fiction masterpiece.

    I Need New Eyes treads familiar sonic ground to Larry Gus' previous works - but his beatmaker percussion, shill falsetto vocals, and found sounds form a gestalt more concise and clear than ever. The references to literature continue - the title is based on a supposed quote by Proust, "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." This record was completed amidst two life-changing events - the birth of his first child, and his participation in Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo. (Fellow attendee NV contributes backing vocals on Belong To Love.) He explains, "When you have kids, you realize that all of the infinite branches that you were wishing to explore are starting to being cut violently with a axe (held by the baby), and all infinite choices in your life (and lifestyle) start to shrink and diminish slowly. I decided on the title the moment I got back from Tokyo, upon realising that I could never be able to live there, now that I have a baby".

    His lyrics are brought to the forefront here - covering a wide variety of anxieties, personal and professional. "Don't forget, the success of everyone else always includes failed attempts / but why can't I figure it out for myself" he howls over swirling drum fills on NP-Complete, "No more polite comments / at least not from my friends" he croons in A Set Of Replies. This feeds into an alternate meaning for the title - "I need new, less jealous eyes" because envy and jealousy and bitterness are also things that recur a lot in my lyrics, always related to other musicians and things that they achieve."

    In spite of the of the heavy conceptual themes, there is a true jubilance to the sonics of the record. Twinkling synths and orchestral stabs mingle with handclaps and a thundering kick drum on All Graphs Explored, while funk guitars and endless layers of percussion and brass build around Larry's bilingual vocals, climaxing in a double-timed drum solo. This is a record for fans of Caribou, Can, Panda Bear, and self-reflection.

    Larry Gus - I Need New Eyes (2015)

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