Monique Dimattina - Everybody Loves Somebody (2015)Format: FLAC (tracks)
    Bitrate: lossless
    Performer: Monique Dimattina
    Album: Everybody Loves Somebody
    Label: Head Records
    Style: Chamber Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Jazzy Blues
    Release Date: 2015
    Covers: no
    Size .zip: ~ 279 mb

    Monique Dimattina - Everybody Loves Somebody (2015)
    01. All I Really Want to Do
    02. Baby Won't You Cook for Me
    03. La Vie en rose
    04. Change It Up
    05. If I Knew Then
    06. Love Is Lonely
    07. Everybody Loves Somebody
    08. One Way or Another
    09. Ahee
    10. I'm Through With Love
    11. The Acorn Song

    Off the back of her sellout show 'An Affair to Dismember' Monique diMattina releases her fifth album in seven years 'Everybody Loves Somebody' - songs on fast lust, french fantasy, platonic pacts, parasitic attachments, star-crossed train wrecks and more.
    Ironically the album opens with the Dylan song diMattina walked down the aisle to at the age of twenty one… re-harmonized in surprising ways, rather like the life journey of the songstress herself. Originally studying law, diMattina decamped for a career in music which has seen her live in four continents, play for heads of state, work with the likes of Lou Reed and Bjork, become a Fulbright Scholar and Honorary Fellow of Melbourne University, run a marathon incognito, and develop a larrikin wit for storytelling in song - such as 2010's Livingest Place, dubbed by ABC Daily Planet "The nicest, slyest Melbourne vs Sydney song ever".
    diMattina has penned six of the eleven songs on Everybody Loves Somebody, her signature versatility seeing her glide from piano fantasias to vocals, rhodes/organ/melodion and ukelele, dancing in the cracks between jazz/blues/roots, country and pop. Producer/engineer Marty Brown (Clare Bowditch, Art of Fighting) sculpts an intimate soundscape, from diMattina's home piano to his Coburg studio, with the cream of Melbourne's jazz/roots scene, including James Sherlock (guitar), Howard Cairns (bass), Eamon McNelis (trumpet) and tenor sax giant Paul Williamson.
    The result is a stunning musical exposition that raises more questions than it answers. diMattina says "We are poking a stick at various notions of 'love' and devotion.. 'Baby Won't You Cook For Me' is all sweaty salty sweet salaciousness. 'Change It Up' 's jungle drums are a war cry for personal and social transformation, and 'Ahee' is a sea-faring ode to the hermetic journey. For me, La Vie En Rose is that romantic haze of endless giving and expansion... but then 'Love is Lonely' is a cry from the chasm - when you've given your heart, and it disappears down a black hole.. We had to end with The Acorn Song because that's the future hope.."
    With her oeuvre ever growing, there's plenty of future hope for fans of this gem of the Australian jazz/roots scene.
    Monique diMattina is a mother of two. She teaches piano and song-writing at the VCA, and plays with the Melbourne Tango Quintet and Clare Bowditch. Everybody Loves Somebody is out on JazzHead/MGM.

    Monique Dimattina - Everybody Loves Somebody (2015)

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