Andrea Bocelli - Andrea - 2015 (Hi-Res stereo)Format: FLAC (tracks)
    Sample Rate: 96 kHz / 24 Bit
    Performer: Andrea Bocelli
    Album: Andrea
    Label: Vereve Records
    Genre: Operatic Pop, Classical Crossover
    Release Date: Universal (2004) / Vereve Records (2015)
    Covers: front
    Size .zip: ~ 1.26 gb

    Andrea Bocelli - Andrea - 2015 (Hi-Res stereo)
    01. Andrea Bocelli - Dell' amore non si sa [3:42]
    02. Andrea Bocelli - L'Attesa [4:30]
    03. Andrea Bocelli - Un nuovo giorno (First Day of My Life) [4:16]
    04. Andrea Bocelli - Tu ci sei [4:44]
    05. Andrea Bocelli - Sin tu amor (feat. Mario Reyes) [4:35]
    06. Andrea Bocelli - Libertà [3:57]
    07. Andrea Bocelli - Per noi [4:00]
    08. Andrea Bocelli - Le parole che non ti ho detto [4:07]
    09. Andrea Bocelli - Sempre o mai [3:42]
    10. Andrea Bocelli - In canto [4:12]
    11. Andrea Bocelli - Quante volte ti ho cercato [5:07]
    12. Andrea Bocelli - When a Child Is Born (Soleado) [3:49]
    13. Andrea Bocelli - Go Where Love Goes (feat. Holly Stell) [4:12]
    14. Andrea Bocelli - Semplicemente (Canto per te) [4:32]

    Andrea Bocelli - Andrea - 2015 (Hi-Res stereo)Andrea Bocelli long ago set the standard for "crossover" classical tenors, and ANDREA proves yet again that when it comes to ultra-romantic singing, no one does it better. Longtime collaborators Francesco Sartori, Mauro Malavasi, and Celso Valli provide more of the soaring operatic-style ballads and lush production work familar to Bocelli's fans. "Dell'Amore Non Si Sa," "Liberta," and "Tu Ci Sei," among others, are tailor-made for his warm, rich tone and velvety phrasing. Bocelli also enlists some new songwriting talent for a slight change of pace, notably with the flamenco-flavored "Sin Tu Amor" and the atmospheric "Per Noi," as well as "Go Where Love Goes," a duet sung in English with vocal prodigy Holly Stell. Covers of Enrique Iglesias's "Un Nuovo Giorno" (known in English as "The First Day of My Life") and Lucio Dalla's "Quante Volte Ti Ho Cercato" show that the superstar singer doesn't stray far from the usual path; Bocelli knows what his adoring public clamors for, and he never disappoints. Smooth, suave, and sexy, ANDREA is sure to set a multitude of hearts throbbing.

    Andrea Bocelli - Andrea - 2015 (Hi-Res stereo)

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