Carla Morrison - Amor Supremo (2015)Format: FLAC (tracks)
    Quality: lossless
    Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz / 16 Bit
    Source: 7digital
    Artist: Carla Morrison
    Title: Amor Supremo
    Label, Catalog: Cosmica
    Genre: Indie Pop
    Release Date: 2015
    Scans: not included
    Size .zip: ~ 382 mb

    A towering standout on Carla Morrison’s new album, Amor Supremo, "No Vuelvo Jamás" is a pining anthem that opens with the Mexican singer-songwriter delivering a cascade of wordless syllables that sound less like a human voice than a wind instrument. Her overture is punctuated by an emphatic drumbeat and ominous piano chords, then an electric guitar crashes down around her. Yet, she remains unfazed by the commotion, as she half-whispers lyrics about losing herself in lovelorn madness ("locura desmedida") and succumbing to a yearning that hurt worse ("más dolor") than physical wounds. Morrison’s voice wavers and twirls, suggesting a less forceful Florence Welch or a more grounded Jeff Buckley. This is pop music with a healthy sense of grandeur.

    01. Un Beso (4:19)
    02. Flor Que Nunca Fui (4:31)
    03. Vez Primera (5:00)
    04. Azúcar Morena (4:38)
    05. No Vuelvo Jamás (4:49)
    06. Cercanía (4:52)
    07. Devuélvete (3:58)
    08. Mi Secreto (4:31)
    09. Tierra Ajena (5:08)
    10. Yo Vivo para Ti (5:06)
    11. Tú Atacas (5:50)
    12. Mil Años (4:24)
    13. Todo Pasa (5:45)

    Carla Morrison - Amor Supremo (2015)

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